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When you agree to work for an employer, we do so with an understanding that we will be reasonably compensated for our work. More often than not, these agreements are honored, but in too many cases, workers find themselves in conflict with employers that refuse to pay what they are owed. In these cases, workers often must take legal action to recover the wages they deserve.

At Leyva & Night, APC, we believe that honest work should be fairly compensated. Our Montebello wage and hour attorneys are well-versed in the state and federal laws that govern these matters and what can be done for employees that have been unfairly treated by their employers. If you believe that the wages you are owed have been withheld from you, Leyva & Night, APC is ready to help you explore your options.

You do not have to let your employer have the last word on this matter. Contact our offices today to request a case evaluation in Monterey Park.

Common Wage & Hour Disputes in CA

In some cases, wage and hour disputes are due to misunderstandings that can be amicably worked out by the involved parties. However, in many cases, these disputes are the result of an employer who is looking to protect their bottom line and deny deserving workers the wages that were agreed to.

These wage and hour claims often involve:

  • Overtime violations
  • Employee classification (often as independent contractors)
  • Break and meal violations
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Tipped employee violations

If your dispute falls into one of the above categories, our firm can assist you. Our wage and hour claims attorneys are ready to assess the details of your dispute, gather all the necessary evidence to substantiate your claim, and even take your employer to court, if necessary, to demonstrate your eligibility for further compensation.

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