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Unpaid Overtime Claims in Montebello

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There are many forms through which wage violations may occur at any given time in the State of California, such as unpaid: time off, sick leave, overtime, and paying employees less than minimum wage. However, the most common of these is compensating employees for their overtime, which comes with harsh penalties to the employer.

If you have not been paid your due overtime it is important that you begin building a case. Our Montebello attorneys are experienced in workers’ compensation cases and will fight to get you the best possible outcome with the wages you are owed.

Defining Overtime

Overtime is when an employee has worked more than 8 hours in a day or more than 40 hours in a week. Many times employees do not even realize they are working more hours than they need to and do not receive the due payment for the work they put in on a daily and/or weekly basis. In addition, you are eligible to x1.5 of your hourly rate for the first 8 hours you work on a seventh consecutive day. These are some of the reasons why unpaid overtime is one of the most common unpaid offenses with employers.

However, these overtime rules might not always apply for positions inside certain companies that offer their employees salary and not hourly wages. Many times these jobs are of a professional nature and come with other guidelines. If you feel you are entitled to more than you are being given because of the extra hours you work, it is important that you contact an attorney that is versed in the complexities of unpaid wages.

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