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Workers' Compensation Benefits in CA

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In California, employers are required to carry workers' compensation coverage so that if a worker is hurt on the job, they can become eligible to receive benefits. Many workers assume that these benefits are to cover medical costs only, but this isn't true. This type of coverage can often address numerous damages and hardships workers must grapple with in the wake of an accident.

When you choose Leyva & Night, APC to assist you with your workers' compensation claim, you can trust that your claim will diligently seek maximum benefits for your injury. If you are planning to file a claim or recently received a denial, our Montebello workers' compensation attorneys are ready to speak with you.

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Workers' Comp Benefits in California

There are essentially five different types of benefits a workers' compensation benefits a claimant can seek in California. Not every one of these benefits applies to every claim, but it is often the case that numerous damages are appropriate for a workplace injury.

Possible workers' comp damages in California include:

  • Disability benefits (temporary)
  • Disability benefits (permanent)
  • Medical care
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits (for necessary career changes)
  • Death benefits (to be collected by workers' family)

Understanding Permanent Disability Benefits

After a serious accident, a worker facing a catastrophic injury may not be able to return to work due to permanent disability. In these cases, the worker may qualify for permanent disability benefits. While these benefits may not cover the full wage that the worker was earning at the time of their accident, they are meant to be provided to the claimant on a long-term basis.

Securing these benefits can be difficult. Because these cases represent such a big price tag for the insurance providers, they often place these cases under inordinate scrutiny. Essentially, the claimant must submit to a medical evaluation from an approved qualified medical evaluator (QME). The QME determines the extent of the workers' lasting impairment (represented by a percentage) and that number, and other factors, are processed in a formula that determines the permanent disability benefits.

Even after securing these benefits, claimants often find their cases are subject to re-evaluations and even sudden reductions in benefits. Whether your permanent disability claim has been denied or it has been altered without your consent, our firm can help.

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