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Receiving a letter that your workers’ compensation claim has been delayed or denied is frustrating and devastating for one's well-being and finances. This is a common issue and there are many different reasons why a workers' comp claim may be denied. The first thing you should do after receiving a letter like this is to call Leyva & Night, APC to speak with a Montebello workers’ compensation attorneys. Our team has nearly 150 years of combined experience and knows what it takes to assert a worker's eligibility for benefits in these cases.

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Common Reasons for Claim Denial

An adjuster for the insurance company is tasked with determining whether a workers' comp claim is legitimate and, if it is, how benefits should be paid out. The adjusters are just people and the reasons for denial are often not valid. For example, a denial may be sent by an agency because it is easier than investigating. The letter will state a reason for the denial or delay. Be sure to show this letter to your attorney as soon as possible.

Some of the reasons for denial or delay may include:

  • The doctor’s notes are unclear

  • The injury happened when there was no supervisor or witness present

  • Claiming that the injury did not happen on the premises

  • The presence of a prior injury

After you receive a denial letter, all is not lost. You should understand that you have the right to challenge the insurance company’s decision. Let a Montebello workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm help you with the appeal process.

Challenging a Denied Claim

The first step in the process is to file an “Application for Adjudication of Claim.” As with the original claim filing, you are not required to have an attorney. Some people file the application themselves. However, it is a good idea to hire an practiced workers' comp attorney who will work on your behalf and look out for your best interests.

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