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Dog bites can be an extremely serious matter that requires immediate medical attention. Dog bites can spread diseases and permanently injure you for the rest of your life. California has strict guidelines that all dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dog, regardless, if the dog has been shown to previously exhibit violent behavior or not.

If you have been bitten by another individual’s dog, you should contact a Montebello dog bite attorney today. Our firm can guide you through the personal injury process and get you the compensation you deserve due to another’s negligence.

California Civil Code Regarding Dog Bites

California’s civil code outlines the responsibilities of a dog owner in the event of damages. However, it is also clear that a dog has the right to defend itself in proper circumstances and outlines the proper actions a dog may take in the line of duty (such as military or police dogs). According to Article 2. Damages for Wrongs [3333 – 3343.7] any dog owner is responsible for the damages their dog might cause while in a public or legally located within a private space. However, if an individual fairly agitates a dog, or an individual is harmed while in a private space, damages may not be pursued. In addition, if a service dog causes damage while performing its professional duty, there is a legal understanding of the actions taken by the animal and these actions typically cannot be legally pursued.

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Being bitten by a dog can be an extremely complex legal matter, especially when medical attention is necessary following a dog bite. If you feel you are owed damages due to an individual’s negligence with their dog, contact our Montebello dog bite attorneys today at the office of Leyva & Night, APC. today.

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